Sue from Navesink House enjoys Jean's music Dec., 2004

About the Artist and Instruments - Have a Read!

CELTIC HARPS:  Historical non-pedal harps used in the oral traditions of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Breton, American Colonial and Civil War periods.  Both Ancient Celtic (wire-strung) and Modern (nylon-strung) harps are used for concerts and instruction. Jean collects and performs Medieval, Renaissance, Colo­nial American, 19th century and Modern material for these beautiful instruments.

VOCALS:  Jean sings both a cappella and with her many instruments, drawing from an ever-expanding repertory of sources. A trained Contralto, she teaches Vocal Pro­duction and Stage Presentation techniques.

12-STRING GUITARS: Everything from Lute techniques to Travis picking, Blues styles and special tunings. She has played solo and vocal backup since her early teens.

AUTOHARP: Played Appalachian style, resting on the shoulder and using fingerpicks allows melody breaks as well as chord backup.

BOWED PSALTERY: A triangular Early Music stringed instrument used in ensemble work.

PERCUSSION: Many instruments including bones, calimba, chimes, doumbek, frame drum, djimbe, tambourine triangle and zills.

PROGRAMS: A complete range is available from beautiful background music on solo harp to full concert settings on several instruments with vocals and sound system.

THEME PRESENTATIONS for weddings, parties, and commercial applications include Medieval/Renaissance, American Colonial, American Civil War, Victorian/19th century in costumes of the period, plus vintage Blues, Pop, Originals, or a mix of all. There are also well-researched programs in a presentation/discussion format:

"A TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS"  explores the origins of various customs and folklore through a collection of International Christmas carols. Also available as instrumental background music for commercial applications.

"IN COLONY TIMES" presents patriotic songs and music from the American Colonial and
Revolutionary War periods as a "Living History" demonstration in costume. Created
in 1988 for Fraunces' Tavern Museum, it is popular with D.A.R. Chapters and other
Historical Societies.

"FLOWERS IN MUSIC" covers songs dating from Medieval times through the present in which flowers appear as metaphors or symbols. Created for Garden Clubs, also popular with Literary Societeies since 1989.

"SONGS OF THE SEA" began as an assembly program for school children studying the Great Age Of Sail in America. It has since evolved into a full concert program in­cluding working Sea Chanties, historical ballads and contemporary songs about people who made their livelihood on the water.

"WOMEN IN SONG" explores women's changing roles in society and culture through a program of chronologically organized songs from Medieval through Modern times. The program includes Appalachian work songs, historical ballads, songs of love and parting, and contemporary music, both familiar and obscure. Presentations have been created for Church Organizations, N.O.W. Chapters, Literary Societies and area Womans' Clubs.



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