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Born in Brooklyn, NY, has been singing since the age of 11. He developed his ear of harmony and phrasing, by listening to his favorite groups; The Platters, The Harptones, The Heartbeats. He mastered his extraordinary vocal range and developed his ear of harmony and phrasing by choosing the songs to fit his style of singing

Greatly influenced by these legendary artists, NICHOLAS ANTHONY grew into an amazing vocalist, whose performances convey an emotional expressiveness and personal warmth that endear him to his audiences.


His performances encompass and hold experience with:

Oldies (50’s-70’s) R&B, Motown, Standards, Ballads, Italian.

1962 "The Carribeans" recorded "Wonderful Girl"(written by Freddie Parris) with Amy Records the flip side "Oh My Love" written by Joey Columbo the cousin/manager of Nicholas Anthony. Joey was a DJ WGLI on Long Island , NY .

1970’s that was era of “Rock” formed a group called “Concrete Richard”.

As a Solo artist, in the 70’s Nicholas Anthony recorded “On 42nd Street ” written by Ray Fyke.

1980-2000 Nicholas Anthony and “Moments Notice” Oldies band


Currently, Nicholas Anthony is singing in restaurants, concerts, benefits, and private parties around the New York

 tri-state area. He can be heard on Staten Island cable: CTV 1998-presents Nicholas Anthony Show

“Requestfully Yours”

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