Richard  Stillman
Actor   •   Singer   •   Musician
Tap Dancer   •   Storyteller
   Educational Programs

Richard Stillman: Banjos & Celtic Mirth


Short Vaudeville demo (shown with guitarist)

Short Dixie trio demo:

Country/Western rope tricks, dancing, singing

World Mosaic Program

On bagpipes

Irish Minstrils:



The Roots of Country Music

Country, Bluegrass and Western Swing music sung and played on tenor banjo, guitar Bluegrass banjo and mandolin, Will Rogers cowboy rope tricks, Country Clog dancing, and cowboy hat tricks. 

The Spirit of Vaudeville:

There are charming song and dance routines, hat tricks, and music played on banjo, guitar, ukulele & musical washboard. I finish off the show by tap dancing while playing harmonica in my mouth, playing the bones in my left hand and juggling with my right hand. 

Jewish Vaudeville:

I also have a Jewish Musical Vaudeville show which includes Klezmer songs and popular Jewish tunes like: Bei Mir Bist Du Shein, Yossel Yossel and several songs from Fiddler on the Roof.

Italian Carnevale

I sing Neapolitan songs in Italian and English and accompany them on mandolin, concertina and guitar. I tap dance to several Italian waltzes and complete the show with Frank Sinatra favorites.

World Mosaic of Music & Dance:

Italian mandolin, bagpipes, Irish pennywhistle, African Kalimba, Australian didgeridoo, Peruvian panpipes & Hawaiian ukulele. I also perform Spanish flamenco dancing, Chinese ribbon dancing, Irish Step dancing, and Mexican rope spinning.I sing in German, Italian, Spanish &Yiddish.


I sing Oktoberfest songs in German and English and accompany them on concertina, guitar, and banjo. The show includes tap dancing to German waltzes, a musical washboard routine to the Lichtensteiner Polka, and finishes with a German Shuplatte clog dance.

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