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Susan Davis * Booking Agent * Marketing * Graphic Arts & Film

With special thanks to our special JP -  technical support manager and support tech; legal consultation.

JP is gifted in the computer land of hardware, software, or anything that ticks it seems. (He can answer questions in his sleep!) and  without equipment in front of him, he can answer technical problems over the phone, and perform outstanding on-call duties above and beyond the normal technician.

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Inspiration   "Don't lead your business where you want it to go, let it lead you where it wants to go"  super advice from Dave Cohen - Teacher & Master of many instruments.  It fits us perfectly!

In Memory of "perfect" nephew Paul "Jay" Smith, 1st Lt. USAF, ValuJet Flight 592, these links:

All the makings of becoming an agency were always with us... as we reflect on  inspiration from the past....  and it keeps going!

Dad (top row right) in a play in Maine; later a model - among other health career positions ...  Paul J. Smith, at right in this newspaper photo; also bottom left ...









Les Brown, (below) from Les Brown and His Band of Renown, hands grandmother Sue Parker Bizzell--socialite of Goldsboro, North Carolina--an award for her past service to Columbia Artists Management to the Community Concert Association.

The late Susan Bizzell Smith, (later McFadden) modeled in the 50s ...

and also appeared on film... until later helped in the health field as a "Grey Lady," during WWII.








Below, Grandmother Carolyn Jordan Smith (middle)  touched up - "colorized" photos - in a photography studio for the black and white photos of the time. She was also a state-wide known gardener!  Also, in photo below, (left), Aunt Nancy Smith Fadden, and (right), cousin Judith Carolyn Miller, were also artists on canvas. Cousin Judy also did beautiful works of art later on with ceramics as well as children's paintings; later she became a mayor in  Pennsylvania!

Mildred Claire Hemhauser Davis was a model before becoming a full-time mother of 4.
Ronald, right, worked in newspaper, magazine, print fields and now video and DVD.





Dad Charles Russell Davis (right) also sang on occasion for friends
and parties with a great voice!!!...

Ron, left, has also enjoyed singing and performed many times in NJ, at times as part of a Rat Pack duet!






   Ron singing at Planet Rose   (part 1)

  (Tropicana) in Atlantic City!    (part 2)

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Son Chris has served as Talent Scout
for Entertainers Plus! in California, while
son Mike (below), has done the same in NJ.










Brother Paul Jordan Smith, Jr., sang from his school years, (mainly remembered as the lead in high school play South Pacific, (and here for a wedding); he also sang during the 60s with a barbership quartet to entertain troops in Vietnam. Currently he is performing with the group "Destin Harmony"  in Florida.

Not pictured, son JP has become a major computer wizard, and technical help to our web services. And now he has become a lawyer - twice again,
a help to Entertainers Plus!

Here is daughter Lauren - in love with dancing & performing:
She dances professionally, and often works as a model!
Currently she does film work for Entertainers Plus!







Son Andrew has given us
countless rounds of
technical advice in the
art of web making.






Daughter Tiffany has
become a dedicated
staff member part-time
when not in the nursing






                                                  Daughter in law Vera has joined us in the bookkeeping dept.




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