December holiday shows!

Meridian of Shrewsbury Christmas Eve!


Care One King James

JFK Hartwyck of Oaktree

Jackson Seniors!


Dominick the Christmas Donkey at McCarrick (yes, that's one of the

November started a round of shows for Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving!

Chapin Hill Veteran's Day with Fred

Janice & her family were the Victorian Carolers at Sunrise of East Brunswick
12/7/08 even her brother was the "Drummer Boy!"   Center: Betty Lou

Wynwood of Forsgate:


Greenbrook Manor:

Thanksgiving Day at Somerset Valley in Bound Brook!

Here's the activities staff at Care One of Jackson! 

and Regina at Brookside:

Bernetta at the NJ Veterans' Memorial Home for
2 different shows:

Another costume at Alameda

Alameda Perth Amboy had the Girls Next Door for a Halloween Party!
Below is Amy with her staff (oops, the Girls and then the staff) 
Multiple costumes for this party!

Atrium in Jersey City had a brunch party with the Girls of the 50s!
Here's Olivia on Sunday October 26th


JFK Hartwyck of Oaktree had their Cruise / luau day! 
Cathy, middle and staff decorate to the hilt for family members
and  children! Then the beach segment includes the
"Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini!"

October 3rd Foothill Acres tries the "Big Top Theme!" here with Linda, and
Nancy, respectively:

September 18th the Girls Next Door returned to Foothill Acres
in Hillsborough Township with a new styled military theme!

End of summer was marked in Jersey City  for staff Delores at Hamilton Park
bringing the girls in for a "luau-style" party on September 16th 2008

A summer Mardi Gras for the seniors in Howell - 9/12/08 with Carol and her
happy group!

Later that same day, the Girls went on to do a Big Top theme for
Circus week at the Orchards in Jackson, NJ with Michelle & staff!

It's Back to School for the Vets Home September 7th 2008, Edison, NJ
The Girls Next Door enjoy working with Bernetta on Staff!

September 1st - Alameda Center, South Amboy, steps out
for their Labor Day Party with Gigi and staff

The Girls Next Door portrayed immigrants as one of their roles during this
Labor Day party at Somerset Valley here with Patsy due to give birth soon!


Another fun luau was had at Brighton Gardens of Middletown with all the crew and lots of decorations! 8/27/08

Janus goes it alone for this "luau" party at NJ Vets 8/23 with
a member from the recreation staff, Paula!

8/22 Kacey brings out the bathingsuit for the island party / luau (slowly)
at Foothill Acres, Hillsborough, NJ

8/21 Patrice hosts an island / luau party at Middletown Seniors!

Spring and her staff at Brandywine of RoseWood were ready to party the 50s
with the Girls Next Door!  August 19th 2008

Cheryl at Briarwood in South Amboy has had the Girls Next Door a few
times now, and had a great time with the Luau Party  August 20th 2008

Bayshore Center in Holmdel - Linda hosted the Girls Next Door for their 3rd
show, this time for a summer & luau party! August 18th 2008

Buckingham at Norwood kicked off a round of summer, fall and winter shows with
Entertainers Plus!, starting with the Girls Next Door and Linda at Buckingham!
August 16th 2008

Luau partiers for the 2nd year in a row are JFK Hartwyck Adult Medical Care Center!
August 13th 2008 - Edison, NJ

Atlantic Coast Rehab was ready for their 50s show with the GIrls Next
Door! Here's Christine with Janus and Kacey!  August 1st 2008

Back in May, the Girls Next Door did a few themed shows of the Roaring 20s!
Here's one at Fountainview in Lakewood, NJ. Thank you to Dawn / Activities
Director, for sending us these photos!  Super costumes!
May 12th Flappers at Fountainview, Lakewood, NJ


July 9th Angie enjoys a Hawaiian Luau-style party at McCarrick
Care Center, Somerset, NJ. The Girls always throw in a little patriotism!

July 3rd (July 4th two shows not shown) Both Avalon facilities in NJ:
Susan at Bridgewater (and her staff), Tonikia at Hillsborough (in that order):

July 2nd Willow Creek with Mindy!

June 24th  Harborside tries the "Barbershop" theme and really enjoyed it!  Here's Rifka with the Girls!

June 21st - A 50s party at Pinebrook Care Center! The staff joins activities director
Chrissy, 2nd from right!

June 18th - back to Care One King James, this time Kathy gives us a terrific smile!

The Girls Next Door did a 50s show at the Continental Arena!

June 5th, Monroe Township!  Regina enjoys the show!

Memorial Day, South Amboy, NJ  a true patriotic celebration!

May 22nd Clark, NJ: the many faces of the Girls Next Door!  All in one show!
Thanks to Barbara for supplying the photos!

May 15th Applewood Estates continues with the "Decades" theme and Lucinda
is again, an honorary Girl Next Door! She and her staff work very hard to
create the themes for Nursing Home Week, like many of our customers!

May 14th Roaring 20s at Rolling Hills, with the Wonderful Lester!
Thank you Lester, for this photo!

May 13th Flappers with Lucinda at Applewoods, ... Lucinda becomes an honorary member of the Girls Next Door!

(See more photos on the Memories Page!)

May 2nd 2008: The Cha Cha Girls! in Marlboro, NJ, with Denise!

April 25th 2008:  The WACettes entertain at Parker House with a very pleased Rachel!

EP FAVORITE THEME:  WAC Patriotic Show with Andrews Sisters songs!
April 16th the WACs (EP affectionately calls them the WACettes) performed
at Brookside Assisted Living in Freehold! Here's Erica with Janus and Kasey!

April 3rd the Glitter Girls Dance Party was held at Neptune
Senior Center.  Neptune has had the Girls Next Door a couple
of times and they served the GND lunch and enjoyed the show!

In February, The Girls Next Door started their latest theme, "Big Top"
with much success! Here they are with a staff member at Care One

March 17th Oradell Care Center had the Girls Next Door for a St.
Patricks' Day party!

March 13th The 50s Girls wowed Care One of Jackson with their 50s super costumes!
(Also see Memories Page) Thank you Patti with crew Hazel, Frieda and others!!

March 1th The WACs Girls do Andrews Sisters and more at Bayside Manor - here's Robin!

March 5th The 50s Girls arrive at Monmouth Care Center and visit with Christine.

March 3rd The BIG TOP SHOW arrive at JFK Hartwyck of Oaktree to have
fun with Cathy, her aides, and the crew who told them they "own the place!"

Feb. 27th The WACs arrive at Bayshore Health Care and visit with Deirdre again!

Feb. 18th Circus Big Top Show! in Red Bank at Chapin Hill with April!

Feb. 14th VALENTINE'S DAY at Briarwood Healthcare!  Cheryl and staff
award the King & Queen for the day!

Feb. 8th Barbershop/singalong theme with the Girls Next Door debut at Care One of
King James Care Center in Navesink, NJ, with Janine!

Feb. 5th Fat Tuesday!  The Girls Next Door returned to Brick and Jersey
City for two Mardi Gras parties! Thanks to Olivia at Atrium and Judy at

Jan. 25th The Girls Next Door returned to Whispering Knoll and
rec'd these photos from when they were there for a BBQ - of
staff members Carissa and Michelle!

January 24th Deirdre at Bayshore Health Care Center
looks over the new Girls Next Door Calendar! This new
calendar is available when booking the Girls Next Door,
created by the costume mastermind, Kasey of the GND.
Thanks to Janus of GND for supplying photos!

January 23rd 2008 The Girls Next Door in Toms River, NJ and Bayville, NJ:
Here they are meeting Tammy at Rose Garden and last week at
Tallwoods at Bayville, where they met Robin and Lee!

The Girls Next Door have a fabulous assortment of matching costumes
and ingenius ideas!

The Girls Next Door took on more costumes for their holiday shows, featuring
Rudolph and Elves. Their popularity is growing tremendously! 
Shown are December 6th and December 11th 2007, at Reformed Church
Home and Buckingham. 

Stephanie from Buckingham gets into the act with the Girls Next Door!

Victorian Carolers have been a great hit this season!  Dec. 2007
Thanks to Peggy Sue at Sunrise of East Brunswick for providing
these Carolers photos! Janus & her showbiz family are a hit!

Tree lighting time with Victorian Carolers at  Sunrise of Wall, below.
Below are the Girls Next Door, unfortunately a bit fuzzy but worth
a look!  December 2007

Thanksgiving 2007 specials were performed by Janus & the Girls Next
Door in their Thanksgiving themed costumes of pilgrims & Pocahontas!
Here Janus entertains at The New Jersey Veteran's Memorial Home!

Girls Next Door met Janice at Manor By the Sea, Ocean Grove, NJ

November 13th 2007 - Joyzee Gals shake out  the 50s at Saint Mary's
Home in Cherry Hill, NJ!

November 9th the Girls Next Door ran around most the week
performing Veteran's Day Celebrations. Here was one of their
themes/costumes at St. Vincents' in North Jersey! (Flappers!)

Bayside Manor. Keansburg  had a July treat of the Girls Next Door 50s style!
Not only did they do part of the show like this, but also changed into their
poodle skirts!

Independence Day party July 7th at Tallwoods with the Girls Next Door,
AND with Joyzee Gal Michelle Parto! They performed two different shows
in two different units.

June 26th started a medley of patriotic shows for the Girls Next Door,
here they are with a member of staff at Delaire in Linden