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 Anniversaries - Banquets - Birthday Parties - Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties 

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"Gypsy" is gifted and wants to help! She has been advising for 28 years, entertains
in Las Vegas, Florida and the New York - New Jersey area. Approved by EP staff to be
accurate, caring, down-to-earth, and very personable!

    Gypsy has been touring the states on radio broadcasts, appearing at Traveling Shows,
Disney World, and Las Vegas Corporate Events. She has even been called in to
the Caribbean to help! 

   Who doesn't need understanding in today's world, to help guide us through to patience,
love, and better feelings within one's self. With a clearer picture of your frustration or
turmoil, you can achieve help from Gypsy who can point you to your best path. It is up to
the person receiving this all-around scenario from Gypsy, to choose her good advice.
We highly recommend Gypsy for all occasions and all audiences.

Gypsy's son is now available, too! Together they have worked busy functions and large

    Other comments by clients:  "Amazing!"  "Fascinating!" "Right on Target!"
Many clients have had Gypsy return - it's just THAT MUCH FUN! With compassion
and kindness, you can have a clearer picture of the here and now or future!

EP staff comments:  "She could 'see' what my husband looks like over the phone!"
(without meeting him or seeing any photos)  "Very helpful!"  "She described people
in other states and what was going on in their situations for me to understand."


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