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New Jersey residents, singer/songwriter Jeff Penque and songstress, Karen Fairweather have joined forces to create a fresh and unique acoustic duo that have been taking NJ coffee houses, wineries, and restaurants by storm. They blend classic folk/rock from the 60s through today - with original tunes - to create a truly memorable musical performance.

It all began when Jeff was performing solo one evening at The Sanctuary Café in Little Falls, New Jersey, and Karen happened to stop in for a Cappuccino and some tunes. Jeff was captivated by her silky soprano as she harmonized from her table – and the rest - as they say, is history.

They began working together at gigs where Jeff was showcasing songs from his solo CD, Hidden Feelings, it was then that they discovered that their voices blended perfectly - and the feedback was so positive, that they decided to work together permanently and formed, Jeff & Karen – Acoustic Duo.

As Jeff & Karen, they have toured the state of New Jersey playing festivals, libraries, shopping outlets, coffee houses, restaurants, wineries and more. This journey exposed them to new towns, landscapes and experiences throughout the state –which inspired them to name their first CD togehter – Jersey Fresh.

Jersey Fresh features (11) original songs written by Jeff and are performed in brilliant harmony with driving acoustic guitar arrangements. They achieve an overall retro 60’s/70’s sound - mixed with today’s musical influences. 

Jeff has also written a solo CD published by Entertainers Plus! available above.

Jeff's Hit Song: (Music Video)  The Jodi Song:

AND ANOTHER!   (Music Video)  It's Your Journey Now:

AND ANOTHER!   (Music Video)  Angel on Earth!



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