Male Vocalists

Benny Rosa

Bob Kulik

Bobby Anderson

Bobby Brescia

Anthony Tabish
leading the Anthony Tabish Orchestra

John Baragone

Dave "Bop with the Beas"

Ernie White

Greg Caldarone

JoAnn Roberts

Jimmy Sabini

Joey B!

Joe Corcione

Joey D!

John Sebastian

Keith Hickman

Lou Reed

Louis Vanaria

Danny Rongo

Mike Esposito

Pat Cavelli

Joe Caroselli duo

Ron Hackling

Flip Peters

Richie Santa
Elvis Impersonator

Tom Catucci

Richard Stillman
with many themes

Tom Catucci

Lou Sabini

Lou Pompilio

Mark Cohn TRIO

Mike Esposito

Vance Villastrigo

Michael Andrew

Neil Dankman

       Most our vocalist / musicians are also
        talented & capable DJs

who can meet any requests by
brides & grooms or any party!